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Civil Society in Myanmar

The words 'civil society' play a prominent role in the way donors, international and local NGOs, and government discuss Myanmar's development. But what meanings does 'civil society' have, and what role does it play in Myanmar? 

Supporting Civil Society with LIFT funds

CSO sustainability in Myanmar's states and regions

The Art of Networking

Strengthening Civil Society in Myanmar

Growing Networks?: Supporting Issue Based Networks in Myanmar

Social protection and tax in Myanmar: Building on what's there (International Growth Centre)

Myanmar Local Elections (Danish Institute for International Studies)

The rise of an anti-politics machinery: Peace, civil society and the focus on results in Myanmar (by Stefan Baechtold)

Struggles for self reliance of local organisations in Myanmar (Norwegian People's Aid)

The Politics of Silences: Myanmar NGOs Ethnic, Religious and Poltiical Agendas (Research Institute on Contemporary South East Asia Oct 2011)

What Lies Beneath: An Operational Analysis on Leadership and Institutions at the Local Level in Myanmar (June 2011)

Civil Society Gaining Ground: Opportunites for Change and Development in Burma (Transnational Institute Nov 2011)

The Role of Civil Society (International Crisis Group Dec 2001)

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