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Myanmar is in danger of being aid dependent.

Salai Maung John argues that the way international NGOs work with local groups, and especially the model of competition, may contribute to aid dependency in Myanmar.

In my experience, most of the international NGOs undermine and treat local groups as competitor, but not as partners.

They treat Myanmar NGOs not as equal partners but as sub-sub-sub grants partners. They recruit the best staff from the local organisations.

The international NGOs are to be blame for Myanmar being in danger of aid dependency.

Cambodia appears to be aid dependent not because of local organisations but the foreign, international NGOs.

The international NGOs come to Myanmar not primarily to help the Burmese. They come here for their own survival.

To a great extent, there is no an equal collaboration and authentic coordination between guest organisations and local ones.

The international NGOs should keep in mind that the primary agents of development are always the locals. The international organisations must be the channels, partners and facilitators in development through their resources.

In the long run, the locals are authentic change-makers for their own communities.

There must be equal partnership between local and international NGOs in terms of planning, executing and implementing projects. The funding agencies should also be aware of that point.

In short, competition model is in development is not encouraged because it causes aid dependency and it does not bring real change at the grassroots level.

Collaboration or coordination model is desirable, relevant for bottom-up and sustainable change.

Pic by Ericwinny

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