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The EXIT INTERVIEW #1 (2019) What do aid workers say after they le

PK: What advice would you give to the person who replaced you in your job?

The answer to your question would be different based on the position and responsibilities you had in your last job. The advice given by field level staff to his/her successor might be rather related to micro management issues and process orientated stuffs but there would be different advice from mid level managers. When I provided induction to my successor, my advice and information covered following topics: * Tools and instruments that program staff have to use and apply every day * Programs direction and strategies that we are aiming to reach in the next 5 years that are in line with institutional strategic framework * Budget * Challenges and successes of projects that successor has to manage * Organization policies and workplace culture

PK: Is there anything you might have done differently in your job if you had your time over?

I don’t think so! I already did my best within the time period I had.

PK: If you could change one thing in the wider aid sector in Myanmar, what would it be?

There are few things that I would like to see better in aid sector in Myanmar. However, I would like to highlight about coordination among stakeholders which are very poor and not efficient due to the lack of enough space for government and local people to take the lead.

PK: What do you think international organisations could do differently to better support local organisations?

It is important that international organizations have to be strategic and pragmatic . They shouldn’t go and work on the issues or tasks that local organizations could work.

**If you have just left your job recently and want to take part in the exit interview to share your valuable insights from your past experience, please do send us a message. We'll be happy to follow up with you. Thank you!

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